Harp ensemble projects

Glissando at Ropetackle

For the past year I’ve been working a lot with other harpists in the area, in a duo (94 Strings) and also a larger ensemble (Glissando). In the short time we’ve been playing together, we’ve had lots of fun rehearsals and some very successful concerts, and it has been a totally eye-opening experience for me. Life as a freelance soloist has its ups and downs and although you have the freedom to pursue whatever you want, it can be quite lonely and easy to lose perspective, so working with others has been a breath of fresh air. As well as improving my ensemble-specific skills, I’ve learned so much from each of my colleagues individually. Every musician is different and has something unique to offer, and I’ve really enjoyed trying new techniques and seeing things from another point of view. And on top of this, I get to explore new repertoire that I wouldn’t otherwise! I leave each rehearsal or concert feeling so inspired, and am really looking forward to seeing what the future brings with these projects.

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