A New Harp Blog

With my Lyon & Healy 85E

Here’s a new feature for my website in time for Christmas! A little blog for me to write about anything music related. Here you’ll find posts about pieces I’m currently working on, concerts I’m performing in, and events I’m playing for.

Some quick background: I divide my time between England and France. When I’m in France, I spend most of my time practising, with a little bit of composition too. I come back to England for performances and events. Its complicated but a great experience. Besides, most of my favourite music is French, so it makes sense! When I’m in France I play a Salvi Symphony, and when I’m in England I play a Lyon & Healy Style 85E. Both harps are quite different, but I love them to bits.

I’m currently in France working on some new pieces along with my Christmas repertoire, and will be returning to England this Saturday. Looking forward to performing for Christmas events!